Raise Your Vibration

Energy Healing Treatments & Certifications


Everything is Energy

Many of us are aware of this famous quote by Albert Einstein. “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy this is physics”. Are you aware of the energy of your words, thoughts, actions, food, & environment to name just a few. Do they match the energy of the life you want to live?

Why Energy Healing?

Energy healing enhances our awareness of energy and vibration and fully supports us in consciously creating the life we want! Yoga believes all lack of ease, dis-ease, begins in the mind. But how often & in what ways are we addressing the mental, emotional & spiritual causes of illness, stress, lack of harmony, imbalance & more? Potentially not at all. How many of you have been told by a doctor that they can’t find anything physically wrong? That’s because the origination of what you’re experiencing is other then physical. Or how many of you have followed the protocol your doctor has suggested and you still aren’t well? Or you’re now on two or more prescriptions that are simply bandaids for your symptoms? Isn’t it time to try something else? Aren't you tired of feeling sick and tired?


Energy Healing, Reiki, or Crystal Healing

How Does It Work

Your Energy Healing session is an opportunity to deeply relax & clear old, heavy, dense, even painful energies that have accumulated for a variety of reasons. It is soothing on all levels and allows you to feel lighter & clearer. Often, insights are gained that guide us forward in powerful ways. More ease in connecting with the quiet place inside is also experienced. Please allow time for transition from your session to your life. Integration of the session is ongoing for several days or more.

Raise Your Vibration

Energy Healing Treatment

We value and honor your choice to give this experience to yourself. Your session will begin with a short consultation. Following that, you will relax onto a massage table & simply let go. Many people fall asleep during treatment which is totally fine! You may feel me moving around a little, or placing stones & crystals on the body as you simply receive this comforting, soothing flow of light energy that will raise your vibration & cleanse & charge your energy field. You will be gently guided back from this deeply relaxing experience. A short consultation follows your session

90 Minutes | $150 2 Hours | $200 6 Pack | $840 10 Pack | $1350


Help Others & Yourself

Energy Healing Certification

Our approach to Energy Healing or Reiki is unique. We believe that each person has their own needs, interests, gifts & talents, & understandings about themselves, the world, spirituality, & healing. Therefore we offer One on One Certifications only. Each practitioner’s needs are different. And we believe each need to have a proper foundation for them to thrive & share their gifts with their family & community. Some need a little more time then others to get comfortable in the relationship they are creating with healing energy. Anyone can do this work. We are all healers. Awakening this innate ability to a higher degree is the purpose of each certification. Sacred symbols are also given that create added expansion of the energy. As the only student, the classes will be tailored to serve your highest good & optimal growth. Any time you are ready to say YES to helping others while you also help yourself, press BOOK NOW and we will get started.

First Degree | $375 Second Degree | $575 Third Degree | $975 Master Teacher | $1575