Suzanne Goldston

Helping people get to the bottom of things & shift into new patterns is one of Suzanne's gifts. The tools she uses & will teach you to use are time tested, practical & simple. We often make things much harder then they really are. All that is required is that we consistently do our part. Are you ready to do your part?

The truth is, we must take responsibility for our lives & what we are creating in them. Nothing is randomly happening to us. We must understand the role our thoughts & what we believe are playing in what's happening in our lives. When we choose to purposefully direct the energy & power of the mind towards what we want, we are able to create new patterns & habits that support our goals. Though we may intellectually understand this, we often are not consistently doing it. We are not sure HOW to do it.

 Most of us are in need of healing of one kind or another whether we see or know that or not. We may have gotten some help & done some work in the past but still not fully healed our lives & bodies. The consistent self awareness/reflection & adjustment to our behavior, thoughts & beliefs that is needed takes time & support. We often fall short of true, lasting change. 

We need help. We need a plan to follow. We need someone to help us connect the dots.

This is where Suzanne comes in. She practices what she preaches. She has done & is doing the work herself! Suzanne has the life experience, knowledge & necessary skills to help you create the life you want. You have to show up everyday in your life! Suzanne can teach you how to do that. When you choose to become fully aware of & responsible for your actions and words & how you are not fully supporting what you truly want, things will quickly start to change. 

Suzanne's passion is empowering you to fully accept, love & nurture yourself. She believes you have the power to create the life you want. And she will teach you to believe it & live it. Women have a powerful opportunity, a sacred obligation, right now. We must re-connect with the Mother Consciousness and heal our relationships with each other. We must affirm and refine our commitment to living in that awareness and consciousness. Genuine respect, gratitude & honor for those who have helped us along the way will create the empowering fuel of inspiration and a strong web of support. Living in & as the Divine love & light that is who YOU truly are awaits you!



  • Certified, Registered Yoga Teacher with 15+ years experience, more then 800 hours of training, & over 10,000 hours of consistent teaching
  • Director of Ancient Roots Yoga School offering 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certifications approved by Yoga Alliance
  •  Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, specializing in Women's Health & Vedic Chanting
  • Reiki Master Teacher with more then 700 hours of hands on experience & over 30 certified students 
  • Crystal Expert, Becoming the Human Crystal Certification 
  • Shamanic Journeying Levels l & ll with Sandra Ingerman
  • Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification
  • B.A. In Literature, Minor in Communications East Carolina University
  • Suzanne will finish her Vedic Astrology training early in 2018