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Yoga Certification

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Our certification is recognized by Yoga Alliance & can be done in a group or one on one. This training is meant for those who are ready to take a deep dive into yoga and themselves. We will be studying asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras & bandhas, Sanskrit, chanting, Ayurveda, & much more! Our next certification starts in May! Click here for the schedule & other details.


October 2019 Schedule & Information

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification

Orientation Weekend
October 11-13 ~ Friday 7-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-3pm

Monday & Wednesday Evenings 7pm-930pm
October 14 - March 30

Weekend Schedule

Friday 7-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm

The second full weekend of each month

Holidays observed


Ayurveda Apprenticeship

Learn To Lead A Life Of Balance & Harmony

Want to learn more about how to use Ayurveda to help yourself & your family? This apprenticeship will delve deeply into the concepts that create the foundation for harmony & balance. We will thoroughly dissect your constitution & habits to root out any challenges & make sure you understand how you got there. A precise & specific plan will be created for you to follow to address those challenges. We will learn about dietary, herbal & self care based treatment. At home work is included. This is, minimally, an 8 week program but can continue until you have the results & confidence you desire. We will meet weekly for 90 minutes.

$1600 | 8 weeks


Help Others & Yourself

Energy Healing Certification

Our approach to Energy Healing or Reiki is unique. We believe that each person has their own needs, interests, gifts & talents, & understandings about themselves, the world, spirituality, & healing. Therefore we offer One on One Certifications only. Each practitioner’s needs are different. And we believe each need to have a proper foundation for them to thrive & share their gifts with their family & community. Some need a little more time then others to get comfortable in the relationship they are creating with healing energy. Anyone can do this work. We are all healers. Awakening this innate ability to a higher degree is the purpose of each certification. Sacred symbols are also given that create added expansion of the energy. As the only student, the classes will be tailored to serve your highest good & optimal growth. Any time you are ready to say YES to helping others while you also help yourself, press BOOK NOW and we will get started.

First Degree | $375 Second Degree | $575 Third Degree | $975 Master Teacher | $1575


What sets our Yoga Certification apart?


Traditional Foundation For Modern Times

The science of yoga has not only stood the test of time but has also survived the modernization of its teachings which often fail to present the entirety of its scope. Our approach focuses on that traditional path of integrated practices including pranayama, meditation, sanskrit chanting, yoga nidra and more! Expect a lot more then asana practice! Expect to practice teach and yes, learn some Sanskrit words! This traditional foundation will allow you to transform yourself and others on all levels! Additionally, it will more fully prepare you to actually teach all of yoga, not just asana. If you do not plan to teach, we understand and will gladly honor that choice.


Practice Teaching To More Fully Prepare You To Teach

Practice teaching is a big part of this training! Getting comfortable clearly expressing what you want students to do is important in becoming a good teacher. Learning to both carefully observe students and help them make adjustments in their practice to create more balance, ease, strength, and proper alignment is essential for a teacher. Just as we know the value of practicing asana, practicing teaching is a critical part of you finishing this certification confident and READY to teach in your community. There is a big difference between being able to practice asana yourself and effectively teach a class!  A conscientious, enthusiastic, coachable student, typically makes a good teacher!


Total Transformation

The class size is no more than 8 students to create an intimate atmosphere of acceptance, belonging and individual attention, lots of sharing, and an opportunity to experience the support and deep bonds that develop from this transformational experience. This is about so much more then just teaching yoga! It’s an opportunity to delve deeply into yourself and better understand how to create the life you want! Its a golden opportunity to find your voice, reclaim and stand in your power, learn to lovingly, compassionately speak your truth, and overcome your fears, through the creation of valuable, meaningful opportunities for transformation and growth.


Here’s what people are saying

“Suzanne is a goddess. She is a healer, teacher, and true yoga practitioner…and I’m not talking just asana. She embodies all of yoga, or union. Her knowledge of the fundamentals of yoga is unmatched and years of immersion and study of yoga have enabled her to impart wisdom on her students that is unmatched by anyone around. Yoga is truth, yoga is journey, yoga is to be practiced with dedication. Suzanne is the most dedicated yoga practitioner I know and she is a MASTER at her craft. If you attend her yoga class, you are in for an experience - one with much thought and effort (though it seems effortless). She is brilliant! She will constantly challenge your thoughts and open your mind to things you didn’t know were possible.”
— Lindsay S
“This is an amazing experience. Suzanne was the perfect teacher/guru and teaches the whole yoga experience. History, spirituality, physical and had tons of personal experiences to draw from and share. I couldn’t have had a more fulfilling experience. So glad I found this gem.”
— Linda A
“Yoga teacher trainings with Suzanne was one of the most heart opening experiences of my life. Not only is she extremely knowledgable and an excellent yoga teacher, she brings the experience to a completely different level through her intuition and healing. Yoga teacher training completely changed my life, my outlook on life and how I process life’s obstacles. I highly recommend Suzanne’s class to anyone, even if you are not sure you want to teach, it is well worth the investment in yourself.”
— Beth S
“Talk about grit and passion…in the best sense of it. Suzanne has it! She lives her yoga and beliefs. Suzanne incorporates her incredible intuition and in-depth knowledge of yoga to create a unique experience for her students adapting the practice to the needs her students. The time I spent with her certainly shaped and changed the way I live my life today. I enjoyed the group setting, the depth and variety of study/assignments and friendships that developed among fellow students. I felt well prepared to teach my first yoga class. I will forever be grateful to Suzanne for her guidance, teaching and intuitive insight.”
— Biljana L