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Ayurveda Cooking Class: Preparing the Perfect Meal

  • 1823 Kempton Ave Charleston, SC 29412 (map)

Ayurveda is Yoga's sister science and has been using food as medicine for more then 5000 years! This ancient wisdom strives to create within us an understanding of the elemental energies of fire, water and air, their interactions we each other, and how our choices affect those elements creating balance or imbalance, harmony or disruption, toxicity or purity. How, when, and with what we choose to nourish ourself is vital to our health and well being as well as our evolution and expansion. The more we understand how what we are choosing to eat is affecting us,  including creating imbalances and toxicity, the better chance we have of correcting it and making the best choices for our current state of air, fire and water. 

The perfect meal in Ayurveda, Kitchari, contains all six tastes, is easy to digest, is a complete protein but vegetarian,  does not create gas, aids in detoxification, helps to heal the gut and facilitates a deep inner calm.  We will learn to prepare this simple, delicious meal and then enjoy eating it! Handouts will be provided so that you can create this amazing, healing dish at home.

Cost for this course is $60 which includes the cost of all needed food prep items.

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Earlier Event: July 19
Later Event: October 9