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Astrology and Crystals

Your natal birth chart is a blueprint for your soul's journey and contains a vast amount of insight into the opportunities for growth, self discovery and evolution that exist for you. Crystals and stones are tools for that same growth, self discovery and evolution. Together, they make a powerful team! We will look at some basic information about your chart and the elemental balance of your planets. Don't worry if you don't know what that means! You will! Then we will work with specific stones to empower your sun, moon and rising sign. We will also take a look at your Chiron, where you are wounded, and practice using a supportive crystal or stone to help heal that wound. Pre-registration is necessary so your chart can be reviewed and the correct crystals acquired. $73 exchange including the stones which you will keep to continue working with. 

Earlier Event: September 25
Empath Immersion
Later Event: November 17
Cacao Crystal Clan Ceremony