Suzanne Goldston

Helping people get to the bottom of things, see the opportunities & shift into new patterns is one of Suzanne's gifts. The tools she uses & will teach you to use are time tested, practical & simple.

Our perspective & conditioning often makes things harder then necessary. How can we learn to seize the inherent opportunities life is presenting us? How can we shift our perspective & find what is already there?

Taking full responsibility for our lives & truthfully looking at how we got wherever we are isn't a cake walk. But the truth is, we have carefully scripted it all to be exactly as it is! Think about that. 

Nothing is randomly happening to us. We all have the power to initiate change at any moment. Accessing this power is easier when we choose to look beneath the densities, patterns, & conditioning that are inhibiting it. 

We often aren't truly aware of the connection between our thoughts & what we believe & what's happening in our lives. However, this awareness helps fuel the shift we know we need. It frees us to see our magic & allow it to more fully emerge! 

The objectivity we need to see the opportunities before us, along with a plan to follow to anchor greater understanding & build new patterns takes time & support. We often fall short of true, lasting change. 

We need objective, compassionate, wise, knowledgable support & assistance. We need someone who's been there, done that. We need someone to help us connect the dots.

This is where Suzanne comes in. Her personal journey has provided unparalleled training meant to empower & help others! These tools can be used by anyone! All that is needed is your willingness to do your part. We often are not fully supporting what you truly want or believe! And we miss golden opportunities to shift & heal. Suzanne can show you the way to empowerment & freedom. 

We are all learning to more fully accept, love & nurture ourselves, to see the pure magic that we are! You have the power to realize the life you want! You do not need to be fixed. Allow Suzanne to teach you to believe this & live it.

You are a magical being of pure light & love! Have fun & be free!



  • Certified, Registered Yoga Teacher with 15+ years experience, more then 800 hours of training, & over 10,000 hours of consistent teaching

  • Director of Ancient Roots Yoga School offering 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certifications approved by Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, specializing in Women's Health & Vedic Chanting

  • Reiki Master Teacher with more then 700 hours of hands on experience & over 30 certified students

  • Crystal Expert, Becoming the Human Crystal Certification

  • Shamanic Journeying Levels l & ll with Sandra Ingerman, Ceremonial Cacao Journeys

  • Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification with Naisha Ahsian

  • B.A. In Literature, Minor in Communications East Carolina University